City Council

The City Council of Brežice is the supreme body that determines all matters in the framework of the rights and obligations of the Municipality. It has 30 members who meet in regular, extraordinary and gala meetings.

City councilors, who are elected into the city Council on party lists and are the lawmaking body of Brežice Municipality. The councilors have rights and duties determined by law, Statute, standing orders of the City Council and other acts.


Standing commissions

  • Commission for mandate questions, elections and appointments
  • Statutory legal commission


Boards of the City Council

  • Board for finance, budget and municipality' assets
  • Board for local social affairs (education, culture, sport, pre-school education, NGO, social care)
  • Board for economic activities
  • Board for economic public companies and environmental protection 
  • Board for spatial management and planning
  • Board for agriculture and rural development